You have a great product and your fees are really low. Are you going to raise them?

Yes our fee structure is very low – and it’s going to stay that way -- because we didn’t start our business for the short term -- our strategy is to partner with you over the long term -- to keep you and each customer satisfied using a top of the line product for an extremely competitive rate. We want our customers to recommend us to other people and the only way to do that is to keep you happy.

Are training and support included?

Yes. Absolutely. Training and Support are free. We’ll help you get setup and when you need help, we’re there. Ask any of our customers – or read some of the testimonials on this Site – or contact us.

Can we use our existing credit card gateway?

Yes, and if you don’t have one, we will help you get setup. We have several options. If you like, we’ll help you get setup with an option where you have the relationship directly with the credit card merchant. This means no funds go through TeamSideline. Instead, the credit card transaction funds go directly into your bank account – so you can say “goodbye” to being charged for credit card transactions by your web site provider.

Can I do player and team registration on one site?

Yes. The registration process automatically changes depending on how you answer the registration wizard setup questions – player registration, team registration with roster management, or not – you get the idea.

Is the TeamSideline Officials Module integrated into schedules?

Yes. It’s pretty cool actually because it is 100% integrated with the schedules you create in the Site – and since you determine if officials can umpire different age groups, levels of play or gender, when you select a game to make an assignment, only the Officials who qualify for that game type appear in your selection list.

Does TeamSideline have a Tournament Module?

Yes, we do! We recently released this new module based off what our customers told us they wanted and needed, fully integrating into TeamSideline. If you would like a demo, please contact us.